Cold Brew Coffee

Fun Coffee facts of the day! 
Did you know that Cold Brew Coffee is:
1️⃣ slowly brewed in either cold or room temperature water rather than quickly brewed in hot water
2️⃣ is higher in caffeine. Cold Brew contains 100-200 mg of coffee compared to the 95 mg in a traditional cup
3️⃣ Cold Brew stays fresh for 1-2 weeks, as opposed to a regular cup only staying fresh for one day
Pretty interesting, huh?! I’ve included a recipe for Cold Brew Coffee that I think you will love!
1 cup good quality ground coffee beans, ground coarsely. 
5 cups of water
Ice cubes – you can use leftover coffee to freeze in an ice cube tray
Optional: milk, sugar, creamer, etc
Supplies: a large jar, wooden spoon, cheesecloth or a nut-milk bag
In the large jar combine the coffee grounds and water
Cover and let sit sit for at least 12 hours (or longer) in the refrigerator. 
Remove from refrigerator and stir with wooden spoon
Strain coffee through 2 layers of cheese cloth over a large bowl, or use a nut-milk bag
Add several ice cubes to a glass and pour 1 cup of iced coffee on top
Add in milk, sugar, creamers etc of choice
Store iced coffee in refrigerator for up to 1-2 weeks!

Photo & recipe credits: @thehealthymaven

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