Fall To-Do List

Happy October and Happy Fall!


Its not exactly been feeling like Fall with the 90º+ temperatures that we’ve been having lately, nevertheless, I’m still trying to get into the mood by doing all of the Fall things! I wanted to share a few things with you that we love doing during in the Fall.

(By the way, this photo is from last year when the leaves were really this pretty!) I’m hoping the leaves will eventually turn pretty this year, but as of now, the weather isn’t making that look too hopeful!

Fall Festivals:

One of my favorite things to do during the Fall is attending Fall Festivals. I’ve been to several over the years, but I especially like the Apple Festival in Ellijay, Ga and the Gold Rush Days Festival in Dahlonega, Ga. They have so many great vendors there, as well as really good food. I really like the fried apple pies!

Fall Beverages:

Although Pumpkin Spice lattes are not at the top of my everyday favorite beverages, I really like to drink them during the Fall…just because! 😂 Haha I feel much more like I’m in the Fall mood if I drink something “Fallish” rather than my usual favorites. I also love warm Apple Cider and Hot Chocolate! This is my all time favorite Hot Chocolate recipe below.


I especially love Football this time of year. My boys are playing football at their school, and they are so much fun to watch…especially when their team wins or one of them gets a touchdown! We also like watching college football on Saturdays. #rolltide!

Carving Pumpkins:

One of my boys favorite Fall activities is carving pumpkins. They really get serious about this! One of my favorite themes we did a few years ago as a family was “Ninja Turtles.” They turned out so cute!


Crockpot Soups:

I do not really enjoy soups as much during the Summer when its so hot, but I really do love cooking crockpot Soups during the Fall! We really love Taco Soup and Potato Soup! My all time favorite is vegetable soup with a PB&J sandwich! You can find my favorite Taco Soup recipe here.

Trunk or Treat:

Every year we make plans to visit the Trunk or Treat hosted  by my boys school. Their school really makes this night a big win for the community and everyone loves it! From the kids being able to dress up, to getting way too much candy, to free food and drinks, as well as bouncy houses and more, we love doing this every year as a family! This photo was from a few years ago. ❤️


I love baking desserts, but especially in the Fall. It’s always fun to get the boys to help me cook as well. We love just about any kind of desserts, but especially brownies and Reese’s peanut butter cup cookies! You can find my favorite cookie recipe here.

Fall Decor and Candles:

I really love to add a cozy touch to our home with some Fall decor, and especially Fall scented candles! (Actually my favorite scent all year long is Fall candles!) Haha Some of my favorite scents are Mulled Cider, Hazelnut, and Pumpkin Spice.


We really love making a bonfire in our backyard and roasting hotdogs and making S’mores. The weather is perfect. It isn’t too cold that its unbearable, but it isn’t so hot that you can’t enjoy a bonfire. (Well it usually isn’t! Haha) This is always something fun to do with family and friends!

Cozy Blankets and Movies:

I love cuddling up with a cozy blanket and watching movies. This is so relaxing to me, and I take full advantage of it whenever I can!


Well, that’s all for now. I hope this has sparked something in your inner Fall self! 😂🧡



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