Historic Banning Mills

The doctor’s order called for a little R&R, so that’s what we did over Labor Day weekend…with a little adventure in the mix. 😉😉 (Special thanks to Micah for planning and surprising us with this weekend trip! ❤️)

We went to Historic Banning Mills in Whitesburg, Ga, which is a tiny speck on the map…but don’t let that fool you, there is lots to do for the adventurer! From hiking, to swimming, to horseback riding, to zip lining, to obstacle courses, to the world’s tallest free standing climbing wall and so much more…there’s plenty to keep you occupied! Banning Mills currently holds Guinness World Records certificates for the longest zip line measuring 11.92 km, and the tallest climbing wall 137.42 ft!

The Registration Lodge and Dining Hall is so cozy and inviting. There are plenty of sofas and rocking chairs to keep you comfortable, a game of Checkers to keep you competitive, and a gift shop to buy souvenirs!


The first day we hiked the trails, walked the swinging bridge, let the boys swim, and had a picnic.


We stayed the night in one of their cozy little cabins overlooking the river. The boys loved watching cartoons from the jacuzzi tub, and if you happen to notice the candle in the pictures below…I am one of those people that brings “traveling candles!” 😂

On our second and final day, we enjoyed the buffet breakfast at the Dining Hall, and then we went horseback riding and zip lining. (I’m still sore!) 😂 The boys were true champs and rode the zip lines like pros!

That was fun! If you’re the outdoorsy or adventuring type, definitely visit Banning Mills!




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  1. FUN!! I am so glad you guys had some down time.
    P.S. I have travel candles, too.😀

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