The Aquis Hair Towel


So for all of you ladies, like myself, that have very thick hair, I think you will appreciate this post!

One thing that I have disliked the most about getting ready to go somewhere is the length of time it would take me to dry my hair! I would easily spend 30-35 minutes blow drying my hair after each wash, if not longer! I have tried regular bath towels, as well as some hair turbans…that were supposed to cut down on the drying time; however, I honestly couldn’t tell that the hair turbans helped that much. The bath towels have ended up not being the best thing for my hair (health wise), although I have always used them up until this point! Lately, I have heard more and more people talk about how the bath towel may not be the best thing for your hair, and I tend to agree. For a while, I began to notice that my hair was starting to have more and more breakage…and thats NOT what I wanted to have happen!

One day, I came across the Aquis hair towel.  It was referenced in two different bloggers posts that I love to follow, and they both gave it very high reviews in talking about how wonderful this towel is and how it really helped to cut down on their drying time.  Skeptically, I decided to order the towel and see for myself (honestly not knowing whether or not it would really work as well as they said it did), and I’m so glad that I did! It’s honestly crazy how much faster it dries my hair than a regular towel. It has cut down my drying time in half…which is a pretty big deal! (Plus its a cute rose color!) And more importantly, (after a couple of months of using this towel), I have honestly seen a big difference in the overall health of my hair. I have little to no breakage now!

Healthier hair and less drying time…it’s a definite win for me! If you care about the health of your hair, I really recommend trying Aquis out! You can purchase the towel that I have here. Sephora and Bed Bath and Beyond also sell some of their products. You will love it!

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