Purse Organizer: Every girl needs one!


So every once in a while, I come across an item that I wonder, “Where has this been all of my life?” Ha! I’m one of those people that likes to change purses to match every outfit! However, as much as I like my purses to match my outfits, sometimes it can be annoying to move everything from one purse to another…especially when you carry as much stuff as I do! I normally carry a medium to large purse to accommodate all of my stuff! Every once in a while though, I come across small purses that are just too cute to pass up, and I will end up getting it to accessorize for special events.

With the above being said, I came across a purse organizer on a bloggers post that I love to follow. (You can read it here.) I have never owned a purse organizer, much less heard of one! This blogger gave it very high reviews, and it honestly didn’t take much to sell me on the product, but what really sold me is the fact that you can use it to easily transition between purses! It not only comes in a lot of different colors and sizes, but it’s under $20!  I personally ordered the medium size, and it fits perfectly in my medium-large size purses. I also went with the beige color because it goes nicely with each handbag.

Now that I have it, it’s hard to imagine the days when I didn’t have one! Not only does it make transitioning between purses a breeze, (you literally pick up the organizer from one purse and put it in the other, and you’re done!) but it also helps me to stay organized. I know where everything is in my purse now, and I don’t have to dig through everything before I find what I’m looking for. It’s a win-win all the way around! If you like to change purses to match your outfits, and if you like to stay organized, then you will love this purse organizer! You can purchase it here!

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