Friday Feature #23

Welcome back to “Friday Feature!” Grab a cup of coffee, relax, and enjoy today’s devotion! If you missed last week’s devotion, you can read it here! 

Heather Knopp brings us today’s devotion titled, “Face your Fears.” Heather, a Pastor’s wife, serves alongside her husband in an inner city ministry and homeschools their five children. They live on a small farm in a big house with an ever growing number of animals and children! Heather is also a personal friend of mine. I have always admired her as a Christian and as a mom. She challenges me to be better in all areas of life! Give Heather a follow! @un_relentinggrace

Face your Fears

Fear is inevitable, isn’t it. It shows up at some of the most unlikeliest of times. It rears its head in the ugliest of forms. It suffocates. It binds. It rejoices at our weaknesses. It laughs us into a corner and dares us to move.

I’m not an extremely fearful person, but I’ve sure had my moments; seasons even, where shadows lurked heavily, where fear was ever present, and worry was a constant guest. I was afraid to let my kids out of my sight. Afraid of leaving home. Afraid of sickness. Afraid of the ministry God had called us to. Afraid to homeschool my kids. Afraid of the unknown.

We know that fear isn’t of God. Isn’t from God. Isn’t God’s will. Isn’t God’s plan. Isn’t God’s delight. Put simply…..ISN’T GOD!

So if fear isn’t of God we must recognize that it can only stem from our enemy…our adversary… the devil. Fear is of Satan. It’s from Satan. It’s Satan’s will. It’s Satan’s plan. It’s Satan’s delight. Put simply….IT’S SATAN!

As women, we see fear arise in various manners. Fear of rejection. Of not being enough. Pretty enough. Smart enough. Fear of not measuring up. Of not having what others have. Of being left out. Of being alone. Of failing. Of succeeding. Of what others think. Of opinions. Of letting others down and of being let down.

But when we acknowledge that none of that holds any eternal weight, and that opinions are just that. They’re opinions and not gospel truth. Opinions don’t hold weight. Opinions aren’t what stand at the end of the day. Not being enough when compared to whom? Another fallible, imperfect human? Why would we use that as our measuring device? Fear of being rejected by whom? Someone that’s just as wretched and sinful as we are?

Friends, you need to face your fears. Some are legit that stem from some source of truthfulness, no doubt. But you can not thrive in this life living in fear. You need to face those fears, and squash them. You need to dive deep in the Word of God and prayer until you have victory over these lies. One at a time. Face them. Reject them. And live victorious in Christ Jesus.

You may fail. But not if you aren’t trying to move forward. You don’t fall when sitting still. They may laugh you to scorn. Or they may cheer you on and support you. You may be left out. Or you could be the life of the party. The choice is all yours.

The only reason Satan would put fear in your life is because he knows the potential that’s already been placed in you. He already sees how God is orchestrating events and moving things into motion and he’s seeking nothing more than to stop it before it ever gets started. So if you’re considering a business venture, a new job, or any other leap of faith and you’re scared to death, I say do it scared! God isn’t causing the fear. Satan is. So do it in spite of him! And watch God bless you more than you could have ever dreamed or imagined. 

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