Quarantine 2020

Hello friends! How are you handling Quarantine? Who would have thought that just a few months into 2020 would turn into all of the World being Quarnantined and everyone having to practice Social Distancing?! This has been such a CRAZY few weeks! I have gotten one of two reactions usually…

1) Everyone is loving the slow paced living and enjoying the togetherness of being at home.

2) The restrictions of staying home is driving people crazy and causing much anxiety!

Before all of this started to happen, there was rarely a weekend that went by where we were not traveling to church, running errands, seeing family, etc. Honestly even a lot of our weekdays were filled up with school, music lessons, work, etc. Not that I’m complaining, because I love going to church, seeing family, and all of those things! However, sometimes after traveling so much, you get physically and sometimes emotionally worn out…and I’m sure you know exactly what I mean if you travel very often!

So the slow paced living has been welcomed and much needed! I have enjoyed not setting an alarm clock, staying in my pajamas, eating lunch on the back porch with Micah and the boys, picking flowers from the yard, not being rushed, and I have enjoyed the boys doing school from home! I’m also excited to try recipes from my new cookbook that was gifted to me from Micah!

What are some ways that you have been creative to occupy your time? Just to give you a look into what we have been doing lately…

  1. We’ve went for walks together, and have spent alot of time outside…finding frogs and bird eggs.
  2. I’ve tried new recipes and baked alot…of the not so healthy stuff, ya know, brownies, cookies, etc!
  3. We’ve binged on the “Little House on the Prairie” episodes.
  4. I’ve drank coffee. Lots of it!
  5. We’ve watched more online church services than I can ever remember! And we had our very first “drive-in” service at church.
  6. Micah has helped the boys build “indoor tents” to camp out on the living room floor
  7. I have struggled helping my 10 year old with 4th grade math! I honestly can’t believe how hard it is (or how much I have forgotten!) Lol 😭😂
  8. I have cleaned alot and organized drawers.
  9. Every Sunday night I watch the new episode of “When Calls the Heart.” It’s a great season! If you watch it, are you Team Nathan or Team Lucas?!
  10. I’ve lounged around in my pajamas more than I care to admit.
  11. The boys have played with Micah’s old G.I. Joe toys. I never know when I’m going to find one lurking around in the living room! 😂
  12. I placed an online grocery order for the first time.
  13. The boys have had virtual music lessons, and Mark is trying to teach me to play the drums. 😅
  14. We have talked alot to our extended family and the boys have enjoyed FaceTiming.
  15. I’ve went through ALOT of candles. Haha At least my home has smelled amazing!
  16. I’ve practiced taking pictures with my drone. It’s so fun and nervewracking at the same time! Haha
  17. I’ve participated in alot of the Social Media “Quarantine Shenanigans” going around.
  18. Micah and the boys have enjoyed several outdoor campfires.
  19. Alot of our “plans” have been postponed or cancelled entirely, but that’s ok. 👌🏻
  20. I spent my birthday in Quarantine for the first time ever, but my family made me feel special and loved with a birthday party at home, and my friends sent many virtual wishes, so it was definately a birthday to remember!

Well, that’s all for now, friends. Most importantly, I hope that your family is healthy and well, but I also hope that you are taking full advantage of this slow time and enjoying being with your loved ones! I have loved how this epidemic has been drawing everyone closer together!

*I’m sharing a few “real life” photos below for you to enjoy.

P.S. Now that it’s been several weeks, I am more than ready for things to normalize again! I miss going to church and seeing family! ❤️ …And I have a bad case of #cabinfever. That’s all. 😉

Until next time,


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