Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

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I hope that you all are having a wonderful 2020 so far! Is it just me or did January seem to last a really long time?! Haha And now here it is mid-February already, and Valentine’s Day is one week from today!

What plans do you have? I would love to hear what some of your traditions are for Valentine’s. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but for me personally, the best way that you can show someone you love them is not by how much money you can spend on a gift for them, but how much time you spend with them. Don’t get me wrong, we all love gifts, and I do too! But honestly, nothing really takes the place of spending quality time together.

I’m going to list a few ideas that I think would make the perfect Valentine’s Date.

  • Go to the restaurant where you had your very first date.
  • Cook your significant other their favorite meal and have a candle light dinner at home.
  • Go watch a movie together.
  • Grab some marshmallows, chocolates, and s’mores, and spend the evening cuddling up by the fire.
  • Escape to a cozy Bed & Breakfast Inn for the night…that’s free from all the dirty dishes, laundry, and the to-do lists!
  • What does your significant other like to do? Plan a themed date that revolves around their hobby.
  • Create a scavenger hunt. Those are always fun, right?!
  • Is one of your favorite artist in town? Go to a concert.
  • Competitive? Play a board game at home, or go bowling!
  • Check out a nearby town or city that you’ve never visited and go explore!
  • Coffee lovers? Go try out a new coffee shop.
  • Rent an RV and go “Glamping”  for the weekend.
  • If you’re more of the outdoorsy type, go zip-lining or horse back riding.
  • Feeling luxurious? Go for a couples spa date!
  • Bring out some old photos and reminisce all the great times you’ve had together.
  • Do something completely spur of the moment…sometimes the unplanned dates are the best!
  • Bake a dessert together.
  • Does your significant other like to shop? Take them to their favorite mall.
  • Go to a comedy show. Laughter is always great for a relationship!
  • Go to a local attraction in your city.

The truth be told, it doesn’t really matter what you do, as long as you’re doing it together… And whatever you do, I hope you all have lovely time with your Valentine’s Dates! My husband and I already have our Valentine’s weekend together planned, and I will share more about that with you later! 😉

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