Honduras Missions Trip

We just got back from a missions trip to La Ceiba, Honduras and had a wonderful time! We were hosted by Mr. & Mrs. Skelton, who are missionaries in Honduras, and we stayed at their White Fields property. I will give you a brief overview of what we did each day, but will let the pictures speak for themselves!

Saturday – July 1st

  • Flight from Atlanta to San Pedro Sula
  • Bus Ride from the airport to La Ceiba
  • Welcome Meal/Orientation
  • Check in to our Cabana

My first stop once we landed 😉

The Skelton’s daughter, Bethany, is a professional chef and cooked wonderful meals for us while we were there!

Our cabana! The entire property at White Fields is beautiful!

This is the dining hall where we gathered for meals.
And this is the “treehouse” for guests to enjoy the hammocks and ping pong table upstairs.

The swimming pool is filled from the spring in the mountains!

There are so many fruit trees on the property, but Kaleb especially enjoyed the mangos!

Sunday – July 2nd

  • Bible Club at the Village of Solaris Nuevos
  • Visit the orphanage who partners with Compassion International
  • Church service at our international sister church in Pizatti
  • Ice cream and brownies to celebrate Micah’s birthday

Our mission director and his wife. They did a great job putting the trip together!

I was unsuccessful in placing my coffee order in English – I was so thankful to have Camilla, our interpreter, nearby to communicate in Spanish! Haha

Hearing them sing How Great is our God in their language was so beautiful to me!

Happy Birthday in Honduras!

The gentleman man on the right has been preaching for 75 years and was a missionary to Honduras for 55 years!

Monday – June 3rd

  • School Outreach
  • Bible Club at White Fields
  • Walk to the local Beach

This is Bethany, our host’s daughter. We loved her cooking! She also learned that I love iced coffee and she made me a homemade one. So good!

These are almonds!

This is the river that connects to the ocean. The boys enjoyed swimming here, and catching tadpoles!

The rainbow was faint, but it sure looked pretty after the rain!

Tuesday, July 4th

  • School Outreach
  • American Themed Lunch for July 4th
  • Outreach with Compassion International

This is the first time that we have ever been out of the states for July 4th, but Bethany did a great job cooking a holiday meal like we would have had back home!

So many kids walked in the rain to come to this service!

Micah was asked last minute to talk about the plan of salvation. We were told that many children prayed for salvation this day!

Wednesday, July 5th

  • Visited the Nursing Home
  • Photo Opportunity at the beach
  • Lunch at the local Chinese Restaurant
  • Souvenir Shopping
  • Youth Service and Glow-in-the-Dark Party
Since covid, the nursing home has not allowed family members or visitors to go inside. So sad!

Mark’s knife he bought as his souvenir.

Kaleb loved playing basketball with the kids!

Getting ready for the Glow-in-the-Dark party!

This is Camilla. She has done a great job interpreting for us this week!

Thursday, July 6th

  • Off Day: Boat Ride to the Cayos Cochins Islands
  • Snorkel/Swim
  • Lunch
  • Boat Ride back to White Fields
First time to ever see cows on a beach!

Enjoyed spending the week with my sister!

Mr. Skelton, our host, with the boys.

Friday, July 7th

  • Flight back to Atlanta!

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