Friday Feature #37

Welcome back to “Friday Feature!” Grab a cup of coffee, relax, and enjoy today’s devotion! If you missed the last devotion, you can read it here!

Ashlyn Biddy brings us today’s devotion titled, “Who made the measuring stick anyways?” Ashlyn, 23, is a pastor’s daughter, church secretary, and a piano teacher from North Georgia! Ashlyn is one of those people who’s cheerful personalities immediately makes you smile! I’ve been “IG friends” with Ashlyn for a while, but had the privilege to meet her in person a few months ago at a concert. She’s the absolute sweetest! Give her a follow! @blissfulbiddy_

Who made the measuring stick anyways?

Anybody out there feel like they’ve accomplished absolutely nothing in life?

Maybe you’re in your late teens… early adult years… or maybe even older and you just look back on your years and think… WOW! What in the world have I done in the years that I’ve been given?

About a year ago, I was having one of those good old fashioned pity parties. I was about to turn 23 I had convinced myself that I practically had one foot in the grave already.  I mean, 20-22 is still so young and fun and you’re just living life trying to figure it all out; but I felt like when you turn 23 that’s really old and you’re supposed to already have it figured out. Turns out after talking to mentors of all ages you never have it actually all figured out…How encouraging! (hehe)

Anywhooo… In the middle of my crazy psycho melt down, I made a statement to my dad and he set me straight real quick with some advice that I will forever remember and hold on to! We were sitting in his office just chit chatting about my life over the last 22 years. I was crying my eyes out and I went on and on talking about my failed relationships, failed dreams, failed attempts at doing what I thought I was supposed to be doing…

I said I was the only person in this world my age that didn’t have my life together.

I was the only person my age unmarried.

I was the only person my age that didn’t have kids.

I was the only person my age that didn’t have a a big booming career.

I was just a girl living in her parents basement, teaching piano and working part time as a church secretary… 

“I’m just sick of not being successful in anything!!”


Then my dad replied with…”Who made the measuring stick for success anyways?” I kind of looked at him a little confused at first and then he went on to explain…Take a man that owns a business. He has 2 boats, a big house, 2 vacation homes, a big truck, and a brand new corvette… Would you say he is successful? (well sure)

Then take a missionary who lives in the back jungles somewhere. He only has about 20 faithful members in his church. He doesn’t even have two pennies to rub together but those 20 faithful members have been brought to Christ through his ministry… Would you say he is successful? (of course he is!) 

He went on with example after example until all my tears were dried up. Then he went on to name some very real and personal examples…I was soon reminded that success should not be measured by how much money you have. Success is not having a husband or children. Success is not having a huge business. Success is not having fancy things. Success comes when you’re doing whatever it is Christ has called you to do! 

If you have a big company, that’s amazing! If you have your own family, that’s wonderful! But if you don’t, that’s okay too! Stop comparing yourself to others. Success will be something different for everybody.

Find your calling! Find your purpose, and run like crazy with it! What you’re doing day to day may seem small to you but if it’s what you’re supposed to be doing, YOU ARE SUCCESSFUL IN GOD’S EYES and really, He is all that matters! Throw away that measuring stick that you’ve been using and just live your life to the fullest. Live blissfully! 

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