Friday Feature #15

Welcome back to “Friday Feature!” Grab a cup of coffee, relax, and enjoy today’s devotion! If you missed last week’s devotion, you can read it here!

Natalie Blanton brings us today’s devotion titled, “The Emotional Battle for the Throne of Your Heart.” I had the privilege of meeting Natalie at the ‘Inspiration Encounter’ in Kentucky last year. She and her sister @emilyannraynes are two of the sweetest ladies you’ll ever meet! Natalie lives in South Carolina with her husband, Josh. Natalie plays the piano with a YouTube channel of over 100 videos, where you can listen to her beautiful talent! Natalie and her family recently released their first vocal album. Natalie is so positive and encouraging! Give her IG page a follow and be sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel! @natraynesblantonNatalie Raynes Music You can grab a copy of their family CD here!

The Emotional Battle for the Throne of Your Heart

Colossians 3:15- “And let the peace of God rule in your hearts,…and be ye thankful.”

After Laura reached out to me and asked me to contribute to her Friday Feature, I told my husband, Josh, “I need to really seek the Lord’s direction on what I should write about.” Josh replied, “I think He’s already given you your verse this week.” I knew exactly which verse he was talking about. Immediately, my mind went to Colossians 3:15, “And let the peace of God rule in your heart,…and be ye thankful.” So, I’d like to share something with you that the Lord has been so gently teaching me these past couple weeks. 

Just a few days earlier, God reminded me of that Scripture at a moment when I desperately needed to hear it. I was allowing my heart to be ruled by worry and discouragement—familiar emotions for many of us in these times. I know those emotions are not from God, and He never intended for them to be on the throne of my heart. He said He has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love, and of a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7). So, if my heart is being ruled by those negative emotions, then I am not yielding to the Spirit of God in my life, walking as a Spirit-filled believer. I’m commanded to let my heart be ruled by the peace of God and to be actively thankful. When we allow our hearts to be ruled by God’s peace, we will see that peace manifested as thankfulness. A peaceful heart will naturally overflow with thankfulness, not negativity and worry. 

God gave me that much-needed encouragement from His Word on Monday afternoon, and I meditated on that thought for the evening. When I opened my Bible app Tuesday morning to read, my verse of the day was…Colossians 3:15. There it was again! God is so kind to remind me of His truths more than once. He knows when I need to hear His truths several times for them to really sink in! 🙂 

I often think of the verse, “…Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ” (2 Corinthians 10:5). Sometimes that action takes some effort. Fearful thoughts will come. Discouraging feelings will, at times, try to rise up in our hearts. We must determine to resist those thoughts that would derail us from serving the Lord with a joyful and grateful heart. Those thoughts will try to exalt themselves against the knowledge of God (what we know to be true about God), so arm yourself with Scripture to combat them. Write down verses that will encourage your heart in those times, and place them in a location where you’ll see them often. 

We’ve been given the answer to the problem of a negative mindset— “be ye thankful.” When you’re tempted to complain, to feel anxious or fearful, to worry, or be discouraged, immediately remind yourself of God’s goodness and His faithfulness. 

When those fearful thoughts swell up inside, I am slowly learning to respond with thoughts of thankfulness. “Thank you, Lord that your mercies are new every morning. I know that Your faithfulness is great. You surround me with your goodness. You number the hairs on my head! You are Jehovah-Jireh, my Provider. Thank you for caring about the details of my life. Thank you for family, for health, for friends. Thank you for Your Word! Thank you for its unchanging truth…” Learning to change our thought patterns is definitely a process, but we’ve been given the Word of God and we have the tool we need to defeat those negative emotions. 

When you’re tempted to be negative, anxious, or discouraged, just turn your thoughts with a grateful heart towards your Heavenly Father, and let His peace be on the throne of your heart.

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