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My husband and boys, as well as one of their friends from church, had planned a couple of months ago to attend a two night trip with the Royal Rangers to Charleston, South Carolina this past weekend. Let’s pause here for a second… in case you don’t know what the Royal Rangers are, it’s basically a Christian version of Boy Scouts. I’m proud to say that my oldest brother has been over the Royal Rangers in our church organization for the last few years, and he has done a fantastic job of scheduling events and planning trips for the young men and boys in our churches!

Back to the Charleston trip. It was arranged where the Royal Rangers could stay overnight in the USS Yorktown  CV-10. I mean really…who gets to do that?! My boys have been so excited the last few weeks about staying on a legit aircraft carrier! It’s such a boy thing to do, ya know?? They, as well as all of the other young men and boys, truly enjoyed the experience! (And they can’t wait to see which cool place they go next!)


Long story short, I decided that I would tag along and stay in a hotel down the road from where they guys were staying so I could make some photos around Charleston instead of staying home for the weekend. After I made plans to go, I did a little research and came across Charleston Photography Tours. It’s a guided photo tour through downtown Charleston and the surrounding areas by a professional photography couple who knows where all the “golden nuggets” are in the city! I chose to go this route because I didn’t want to wander around the streets alone, and I much prefer to go with a local who knows where they are going!

With that being said, Tiffany was my tour guide, and she was awesome! She is so laid back and sweet, and she didn’t mind me asking her multiple questions about aperture, ISO, and shutter speed! (If you own a DSLR camera then you know what I’m talking about.) After years of owning a camera, I’m STILL learning how all of those elements work together! Not only was I able to get some great pictures, but I felt like I had a mini photography class while doing so. It was definitely a win win! Thanks Tiffany!

I will quit rambling now and show you some photos, but if you are ever in the Charleston area, I highly recommend Charleston Photography Tours! I hope you enjoy the photos!


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  1. WOW!!! Love these! You have a very good eye for seeing the best angle for any picture. Looks like it was fun and educational. Glad you were able to go.

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