Snow 2017

So every once in a while, it may snow an inch or two in Georgia, but again, that’s every once in a while! The weatherman has gotten our hopes up many times for snow! Ha! So, this was just another day when there was a “prediction” of snow, but I guess none of us really thought it would do anything more than seeing a few snowflakes, so no schools were canceled, and we sent the kids to school like normal.

Well, about 10:00 that morning, it started sleeting. An hour or so goes by, and its still sleeting, and it was also beginning to snow. So we got the call to come pick up the kids. Good thing too, because cars already were beginning to get slide off the roads, due to the ice. Thankfully everyone made it home safe!

So in my mind, this was perfect! It’s snowing, and Micah and the boys were home. We made hot chocolate, watched the snow, watched some movies, and we enjoyed being home together. The following day, we all played in the snow…all 10 inches of it! (I know, for some places this is next to nothing…but for Georgia, thats a lot!)

Everything was just great….until the power went out for 4 days! And then the snow wasn’t so fun anymore! Ha! We survived though, and it will always be a great memory, even if we did run out of firewood, and had to rent a hotel before it was all over!


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