#girlsnight – Cookie Decorating Class

I planned a few weeks ago to have a #girlsnight at my house, where we would learn how to decorate Fall Cookies. So I invited a few friends, cleaned, lit all the Fall candles, and made Taco Soup for all of us for dinner. I used this recipe.

I asked Anna Turner, who is literally the craftiest, and most talented DIY person I know, to come and teach the cookie decorating class for us. She has recently started doing these types of classes, and I thought it would be fun to get a few girlfriends together and at least ‘pretend’ like we know what we’re doing! Ha! πŸ˜‚ You can follow Anna here on Instagram, and also follow her Blog here. She’s amazing! πŸ’›

We each got our own personalized starter box and supplies. How cute are the boxes?!

Anna walked us through each step of how to outline the cookies with edible ink and then fill them in with icing. We repeated these steps until the cookies were complete, and then we also added some edible flowers and leaves to the cookies. The 2 iced cookies in the middle Anna already made for us…one to eat πŸ˜‹, and one to practice writing/adding flowers. We also learned to use a toothpick to help and smooth out the icing.

The class was so much fun! Although my cookies didn’t turn out perfectly, it was lots of fun trying! My favorite turned out to be the Sunflower. 🌻

Always make time for your friends. Get together and do something fun. It will do your heart good! πŸ’›

Iron sharpens iron,Β so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend. Provers 27:17






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