Gift Guide: Home Decor


I’m excited to share with you my second Gift Guide of the season!

I absolutely love Home Decor and decorating, so I picked out some items that I really love, and I hope this will help you with some gift ideas for your loved ones! (Click on each item for the direct link!)

One: HomeBody by Joanna Gaines

I preordered this book months ago, and it was delivered just a few days ago! It’s so beautiful, and if you love to design spaces and home decor, then I promise you that you will LOVE this book!

Two: Metal Wall Basket

This basket would be a perfect place to store your unread mail, bills, magazines, etc. A great way to help you stay organized!

Three: Blanket Ladder

I purchased a blanket ladder a few months ago, and I love mine! It’s a perfect way to store your favorite blankets!

Four: Laundry Sign

This is a really cute sign to add to your laundry area. (Even your laundry room can look cute!)

Five: Shiplap Wall Clock

How cute is this clock?! I absolutely LOVE large clocks, and I love this one! Large clocks really help to fill up wall space without making it look cluttered!

Six: Letter Board

I have a couple of letter boards, and I love them! They are such a fun way to leave messages for your loved ones, and they are also a great way to post seasonal messages, scriptures, etc in designated places in your home!

Seven: Cotton Wreath

A wreath always has a way of bringing a certain warmth to your home, and in case you haven’t noticed, cotton is really trending right now!

Eight: Gather Sign

I don’t know about you, but I really love wooden signs…especially with the metal lettering! This one is so pretty, and it would add a nice touch to your dining or kitchen space!

Nine: Greenery for the Home

Recently, I have added some faux greenery to my home, and I really love it! It looks so pretty, and it make my home feel cozier!

Ten: Mason Jar Farmhouse  Decor

I really love these jars. They are pretty, but they can serve a purpose as well! You can hang these in the bathroom, and store your toothbrush, cotton balls, etc. Or, it can be just for decorative purposes, and you can put a nice bouquet of flowers in them, or some greenery.

Well that’s all for today! Enjoy shopping!

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